Fashion Design Scholarship at IFA (International Fashion Academy)

Fashion Design Scholarship at IFA (International Fashion Academy)

This fashion design scholarship opportunity is not only open to French citizens, but also international students can apply. One of the fashion design and business schools in Paris.

International Fashion Academy (IFA) Paris provides for those who wish to explore contemporary fashion design school . Scholarships in the form of tuition fees that can be used for master studies or colleges.

This year, there are three types of scholarships provided by International Fashion Academy IFA Paris. Namely the Full Scholarship (covering 100% of tuition fees)at college or university , Excellence Scholarship (covering 40% of tuition fees), and Distinction Scholarship (covering 20% ​​of tuition fees) at the university .

Applicants can apply for one of these programs for all bachelor (S1) and masters (S2) / MBA programs at International Fashion Academy IFA Paris.

Although it does not provide living expenses, insurance, or accommodation, applicants can take advantage of the International Fashion Academy IFA Paris scholars to support the cost of studying while in Paris.

Especially for those of you who have limited funds for studies, especially those who want to explore fashion design.


  1. Highly motivated towards the selected program and a career in that field
  2. Very creative for design programs (business-savvy for management programs)
  3. Have an impressive academic profile, extracurricular activities and / or professional experience
  4. 100% full scholarship: minimum GPA of 3.8
  5. Excellence Scholarship: GPA minimum 3.5
  6. Distinction Scholarship: Minimum GPA of 3.0

Application documents:

  1. Application form (Download)
  2. Motivation letter (Why did you apply for this Scholarship program? Why should IFA( International Fashion Academy Paris give you an education for a scholarship? Why did you choose this program and how will it help you achieve your dream?) It replaces the motivation letter required in the normal application process
  3. For creative programs Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology and Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design, the applicants must provide a portfolio
  4. For MBA programs, please provide 3 letters of reference
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The applicants must first create an account on the IFA Paris page online. Then complete all the required information and choose a program of interest at IFA Paris.

Before being able to apply, applicants will be charged a tuition registration fee of € 150. Then they can upload documents.

In the document upload section, you need to upload the application form as well as other application documents as listed. Submission of the application is no later than 15 March 2021 for Full program.

while for the Excellence Scholarship and Distinction Scholarship there is no deadline. The selection results will be released on April 15, 2021.

For a full scholarship, the committee will select the best applicants to take part in the interview which will be notified by email. These interviews will take place between 15 – 31 March 2021 depending on the number of candidates.

What needs to be understood, applicants are only required to apply for one of the three program available.

fore the further information can be search at the official resources website here

International Student Academy

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