Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Awards

Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Awards

Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Awards offered to provide an opportunity for SD / SMP / SMA / equivalent teachers in the country to attend one semester courses at US universities.

You should try this one teacher scholarship program for 2021-2022. Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers (FULBRIGHT DAI).

Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Awards offers outstanding primary and secondary school educators the opportunity to come to the United States for a semester-long professional development program and undertake an individual or group project, attend professional development courses at host universities, and observe and share expertise with teachers and students at a host university or primary and secondary school in the US.

DAI’s Fulbright Scholarship Program 2021-2022 provides around 45 scholarships from 18 countries aimed at elementary / junior high / high school teachers and equivalent.

A unique opportunity to develop teacher expertise in their field of study, enhance teaching skills, enhance their knowledge of the US, and complete individual or group projects.

The Fulbright DAI is a scholarship provided by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Culture through the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. The program will start in August 2022 to December 2022.

The scholarships obtained include J-1 visa support, pre-departure briefing held in Indonesia, Indonesia-United States PP plane tickets, orientation on arrival and return, academic program fees, housing and meals, health and accident insurance, transportation to school local (if needed); daily allowances for the unexpected, baggage allowance, technology allowances, and the opportunity to apply for grants for outstanding alumni.

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Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Awards Requirements:

  1. Permanent primary or secondary school teachers (SD / SMP / SMA or equivalent) at a school that serves local residents (not expatriates)
  2. Have at least three years of experience teaching full-time or working directly with the student (preferably five years or more)
  3. Indonesian citizens
  4. Hold a bachelor degree (S1) or equivalent
  5. Proficient in spoken and written English with a TOEFL ITP score of 500 or TOEFL iBT 60/61, or IELTS equivalent
  6. Demonstrated commitment to continue teaching after completing the program
  7. Librarians, tutors, curriculum specialists, special education coordinators, and other teaching staff, including administrators who work for students at least fifty percent of the time they are also eligible to register for this program

The most competitive applicants will show evidence of leadership in their school or district

Fulbright Distinguished Teaching Awards Application documents:

  1. Application form (Download)
  2. A written statement of purpose in a clear, concise one page (printed on the form)
    3.Institutional reference and support form filled out by the supervisor (Download)
    4.Privacy Policy and Application Certification Statement (shown on the form)
  3. Approval form filled out by the principal (Download)
  4. Copy of national identity or passport
  5. Legalized copies of transcripts and academic diplomas
  6. Copy of TOEFL / IELTS scores
  7. Curriculum vitae


Fulbright DAI can apply for scholarships for SD / SMP / SMA / equivalent teachers in two ways. Select one.

applicants apply for the DAI Fulbright scholarship online on the IREX website: https://fulbright.irex.org/

Make an account first on the website. Download the online guide, then fill in the form and upload the application document (PDF format) as requested below:

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1.Fill in the form of reference and institutional support by the supervisor (Part XIII)
2.Privacy Policy and Application Certification Statement (Part XIV)

  1. KTP or passport (Part XV)
  2. Diplomas and transcripts (Part XV)
  3. TOEFL / IELTS Score (Part XV)
  4. Curriculum vitae (Part XV)

Application for the scholarship is no later than April 15, 2021.

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