Global Sustainable Electricity Partner Scholarship

Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership

Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) provided the Scholarships is one of the postgraduate scholarship programs that can be applied for those of you who want to continue your postgraduate studies at home or abroad. a non-profit organization concerned with the development of sustainable energy around the world.

The target of the GSEP Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership is targeted students from developing countries, one of which is Indonesia, who are taking studies related to sustainable energy development.

There are 6 – 10 scholarship seats provided each year, including in 2021 with a value of $ 21,000 per year each awarded up to a maximum of two years.

What’s interesting about this GSEP S2 scholarship, in addition to studies that can be taken at home or abroad, candidates who apply may be those who are just starting their Masters studies, or those who are currently studying and sitting in the second year of the S2 program.

Global Sustainable Electricity Partner Requirements:

  1. Take a master’s degree in zero-carbon energy, smart networks, electric transportation, energy storage, advanced electricity technology, public policy, economics, law, political science, and other relevant fields.
  2. Eligible applicants must attend full-time studies for at least one full school year (two or three semesters), starting in the fall of 2021. Students who are in the second year of the two-year program are eligible to apply, provided they meet the requirements.
  3. Nationals from developing countries who are on the list of recipients of DAC – OECD assistance (one of which is Indonesia)
  4. Commit to return to the country / region of origin after the study to contribute to development
  5. Outstanding students:
  • Pass with good marks in the top 20% of the class
  • Committed to zero carbon energy development
  • Have experience in community involvement
  • Determined to advance knowledge and understanding
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Application documents:

  1. Passport or birth certificate
  2. Curriculum vitae that describes your education, work experience (if any), awards, and participation in volunteer / or extracurricular activities
  3. Letter of acceptance from the university program of your choice
  • If not, you can upload an acknowledgment of receipt from the university showing that you have applied
  • Program outline
  • Upload an outline of the curriculum or courses you will be taking for the master’s program
  1. University transcripts
  2. Academic reference form (Download)
  3. Academic or personal reference letters

Global Sustainable Electricity Partner Registration:

Applications for the GSEP 2021-2022 scholarship are made online. Create an account first on the page then complete the application form provided and upload the requested documents. For documents that use Indonesian, such as academic transcripts, also provide an official translation into English.

Online registration for the Masters scholarship from GSEP is open until March 8, 2021 (23:59). All applicants will receive a confirmation email once their application is fully submitted. After the registration period is closed, you can verify the application status through your account.

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