how to get the Scholarship to study abroad

how to get the Scholarship to study abroad

how to get the Scholarship to Study abroad is a great option for many students around the world. The positive impact is incredible being able to provide an unusual life experience and also maximizing the knowledge and skills possessed!

The size of the challenges that must be faced in terms of the cost of living makes international students look for ways to get through them.

Various kinds of scholarships eventually become a very influential road or reinforcement.

Scholarship requirements to study abroad also vary. With so many scholarship opportunities, you as a prospective international student can choose according to your circumstances and needs!

Talking about scholarships, there are various forms. Some are for those who are economically disadvantaged, achievement scholarships, and scholarships for masters and doctoral studies.

Its nature is also diverse. There are only short courses (3 months) up to a full bachelor/master program. Likewise for the amount, there are partial (partial discount/subsidy) tuition fees, full scholarships for tuition fees only, and also scholarships that include living expenses.

The level of difficulty to get a scholarship that you will later face also depends. Starting from those that have easy requirements to those that are quite challenging. As stated above, the requirements for scholarships to study abroad vary.

Universities abroad can offer different scholarships for each major. So, to find out more details, what are the various requirements for studying abroad scholarships? Let’s look at some of the points below that can help you prepare yourself!

“Simple requirements?

How’s that?” Well, as one example, there are universities that directly provide scholarships in the form of reduced study costs.

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Usually the requirements are quite simple where you only need to be registered as a student who is studying in the department or program they have.

After that, you are asked to follow general procedures such as the need for a personal statement, interview, and filling out an application form.

Academic Requirements

This one requirement requires you to complete a certain level of education. Be it SMA Class 2 or 3 or Bachelor. There are also those who ask for other requirements such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma and other equivalent qualifications.

If you have a national curriculum after graduation, no need to worry! You can try the Foundation program where the program will prepare you to continue in the next undergraduate program.

After completing the Foundation and entering the Bachelor program, you can be prepared to apply for a scholarship with the academic requirements that you have!

Value or Achievement

Grades or achievements are also one of the scholarship requirements. For example, a department of study offers scholarships with specified value standards.

It could also be that they want to see other forms of your achievements; for example, have participated in competitions or other relevant activities.

Sometimes there are universities that offer ‘merit’ scholarships, where the increase in your average score will be seen by them. So, the higher the score you have, the bigger the percentage of scholarships you can get!

Language skill

Language skills can also be one of the requirements to get a scholarship. Generally, the language requirement used is English. Usually English language skills are required such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. For the minimum score for each certification, of course, it depends on the major and the university you are going to.

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So, it’s very important to understand the major you are going to and the form of the scholarship requirements requested so that your preparation is more mature!

Be a Part or Join Certain Activities

Some scholarships require you to have the status or condition of this one requirement. Some require you to ‘already’ register or become a student of the program that offers the scholarship.

There are also those who ask you to show proof that you have participated in relevant scholarship provider activities or are even willing to take part in the activities they initiated (can be volunteering or other forms of activity).

Well, that’s the various scholarship requirements at several foreign universities! Keep in mind, the requirements for a single scholarship may include some of the conditions mentioned above.

So, make sure some of the requirements are in accordance with what you have and can meet their qualifications.

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