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Fox International Fellowships at Yale University especially welcome students enrolled in social science and similar disciplines at professional schools.

Yale University jointly pursues this goal with 19 of the world’s leading universities in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and America.

Application Deadline: Deadline for January / February each year: specific dates will be announced by each Fox partner university .

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Institutions:

Yale University, United States | University of São Paulo, Brazil | Fudan University, China | University of Cambridge, UK | Institut d’Études de Politiques de Paris, France | Freie University of Berlin, Germany | University of Ghana, Ghana | Jawaharlal Nehru University, India | Tel Aviv University, Israel | University of Tokyo, Japan | El Colegio de México, México | Moscow State University, Russia | University of Cape Town, South Africa | Boğaziçi University, Turkey | University of British Columbia, Canada | Australian National University & amp; University of Melbourne, Australia | Copenhagen University & amp; Copenhagen Business School, Denmark | Singapore State University

To be picked up in (country):

Yale University, USA

Field of Study: Fox International Fellowships is looking for applicants whose jobs have the potential to offer practical solutions to problems hindering world peace and prosperity.

These scholarships focus on key areas such as: international relations and global affairs, law, environmental policy, public health, social sciences, economics, political science, business and finance, management, and contemporary history.

About Awards:

Fox International Fellowships is a graduate student exchange program between Yale and 19 world-renowned partner universities. Fox International Fellows were selected for their potential to become leaders in fields that have significant policy, historical information, and are socially meaningful.

Such work is increasingly conditioned by the interdisciplinary and transnational character of knowledge and practice in the twenty-first century.

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Fox International Fellowships Fellows’ research projects and academic interest reflect areas of concern to many of the world’s top decision-makers, and which have the potential to open up new channels of debate.

The Fox Fellowship, through scholarships and civic engagement, aims to enhance “mutual understanding” between the United States and the home countries of our partner universities to provoke and contribute to productive dialogue around complex challenges and to offer current and sustainable solutions.

Beginning at the end of the Cold War, the focus on peace and conflict in general and US / Soviet interactions has expanded to include a number of twenty-first century challenges in every region of the world such as prosperity and development, poverty alleviation, environmental degradation, resource management and human rights. human.


Scholarships, Doctors, Masters.

The Fox Fellowship is NOT open to postdoctoral applicants. International students applying for projects in their home country are NOT eligible.


Postgraduate students pursuing a Doctorate or Masters degree and a master’s degree graduate are eligible. Graduated undergraduate students with unusual merit and distinction may be considered, but advanced students are preferred.

Fox Fellowship is NOT open to postdoctoral applicants and international students applying for a project in their home country are NOT eligible.

Personal characteristics:
Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to serious research and also a capacity for leadership and civic engagement in the wider community. The candidate understands clearly and has demonstrated a commitment to become a “citizen ambassador.”

academic achievement:
Candidates must demonstrate excellence in the relevant course as well as solid evidence of research ability in the field of business they are proposing as the Fox project Their fellowship.

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Areas of focus:
Strong and specific research projects with a focus on international relations and global affairs, environmental policy, public health, business and finance, social sciences, economics, political science, law, and contemporary history, with a preference for contemporary topics, applied and / or institutional relevance to promoting world peace and prosperity.

The candidate’s overall course or degree may come from multiple disciplines and departments as long as their project focuses on one or more of these areas.

Language skills:
The language skills of the candidate must be good enough to succeed in their research project and to engage in the intellectual and social community of the host university their home and colleagues at the Fox International Fellowship at Yale.

Candidates for the Fox Scholarship at Yale University must provide a current TOEFL or IELTS score that demonstrates proficiency in English conversation, reading, and writing. This requirement is waived only for applicants from partner institutions where English is the primary language of instruction.

Selection criteria:

The Yale Fox Fellowship selection committee makes a final decision based on the following criteria:

● Quality of research proposal

● Strength of academic achievement

● Demonstrated character and leadership potential

● Shows personal commitment to become a “citizen ambassador”

Number of Recipients:
Every year at least one student from each Fox exchange partner takes up residence in Yale, and at least one Yale student goes to each partner.

Value of Fellowship:

All Fox International Fellowships Fellows at Yale receive the same award, which is comparable to the level of funding that doctoral students receive at graduate school.

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The rewards include round trip, accommodation in rental housing provided by the Fox Fellowship and a generous living allowance to cover any outstanding expenses you may have.

The fellowship will also cover health insurance. All scholarship recipients can also apply for grants of research travel funding of up to US $ 2000.

Fellowship duration: 10 months

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