the health scholarship program

The health scholarship program

For those of you who are involved in the world of health and want to continue your Masters in the field of health both at home and abroad, but with minimal research experience, the health scholarship program offered by Wellcome can be taken into consideration.

Wellcome is an independent global charity based in the UK with one that improves health for everyone.

This year they re-opened scholarships through the International Masters Fellowships in two periods.

Wellcome Postgraduate Health Scholarships include an allowance of unbeatable value.

If lectures and research are conducted in the UK (other than London), an allowance of £ 16,000 per year, if the Masters health program takes place in London, is an allowance of £ 18,000 per year.

However, if the lectures and research take place outside the UK, for example in Indonesia, the allowance given is to match the needs of life in the country or can be asked to the organization overseeing related research activities.

In addition to living allowances, the scholarships provided also cover travel costs, for example airplane tickets for departure and return, and tuition and research fees according to the rate of each campus.

The total value of each scholarship awarded by Wellcome to selected candidates is £ 120,000 (± IDR 2.1 billion).

The health scholarship program Requirements:

  1. Nationals of low or middle-income economic countries (one of which is Indonesia)
  2. The proposed research focuses on health priorities in low or middle income countries
  3. You have sponsorship from an eligible host organization in a low or middle income country.
  4. Hold a clinical or non-clinical bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject
  5. Be in the early stages of a career with limited research experience (but you must show an interest, or aptitude for research).
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scholarship program Registration:

Registration for Masters health scholarships from Wellcome for the period April 2021 is open until April 13, 2021 at 17.00 UK time.

Then for the period August 2021 it is open until August 24, 2021. Applicants can register online first on the page

Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker by completing the online application form provided. Then send the application to the approver of the official organization to which it is intended.

Furthermore, the application that has been sent will be reviewed by the International Interview Committee from Wellcome and will determine the final decision in June 2021 for the period April 2021.

Meanwhile, the period for August 2021 was set for November 2021. There were no interviews.

If successful, applicants will be notified and asked to start the scholarship program within one year of award.

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