the Netherlands StuNed Scholarships 2021 - 2022

Netherlands StuNed Scholarships 2021

Netherlands StuNed Scholarships 2021 is a various types of scholarships to the Netherlands offered by Nuffic Neso, One that is regularly available is StuNed (Studeren in Nederland) with several options. StuNed – Masters one of these StuNed scholarships. Just a review, the StuNed – Masters Scholarship is a Masters scholarship for 12 – 24 months of study duration with many choices of study programs. Apart from offering tuition fees (20,000 Euros maximum per year), there are also monthly living expenses, international and local travel costs, and other fees required for study needs. So, the StuNed Masters scholarship is one of the full scholarships to the Netherlands.

Even so, StuNed encourages applicants to participate in the co-funding scheme for StuNed’s cost elements, in the form of tuition fees, living costs, and airplane tickets. Participation in a co-funding scheme will be taken into account in the selection process (increasing opportunities for scholarships).

You can also get a greater opportunity to get a scholarship if you have an unconditional LoA in a study program and institution that participates in a co-funding scheme.

The StuNed Scholarship Program itself is part of the bilateral cooperation between the Dutch government and Indonesia. Applicants can take advantage of this scholarship to take postgraduate courses in English in Dutch universities.

The StuNed ScholarshiNetherlands StuNed Scholarships 2021 are open to all international study programs organized by Dutch higher education institutions. Except for distance lectures, part-time studies, and joint-programs between universities. Several study options are listed below.

Netherlands StuNed Scholarships Field of Study:

Transport, (Agro) logistic and Infrastructure:

Maritime Economics and Logistics; Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics; Maritime Economics and

Logistics; Logistics Management; Operations Management and Logistics; International Logistics, SCM and Procurement; Supply Chain Management; Environmental and Infrastructure Planning; Civil Engineering; Urban Management and Development; Coastal Engineering and Port Development; Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management; Urban and Regional Planning.

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Security and Rule of Law:

International Law; International and European Law, Commercial Law; International Business Law; International Trade and Investment Law; International Business Tax Law; International Human Rights Law, Arbitration and Business Law; Global Criminal Law; Law and Digital Technologies; Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management; International Human Rights and Criminal Justice; Gender and Conflict Studies, International Relations; International Economics.

Agri-food and Horticulture:

Organic Agriculture; Agricultural Water Management for Enhanced Land and Water Productivity; Food and Environmental Studies; Plant Sciences; Geo-information Science; Development and Rural Innovation; Land and Water Development for Food Security; Integrated River, Lowland and Coastal Development and Management Planning – Land and Water Development

International Trade, Finance, and Economics:

Finance – Financial Markets and Regulation; Finance & Investments; Finance – Risk Management; International Economics & Business; Fiscal Economics; Business Administration: Specialization in Financial Management; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Netherlands StuNed Scholarships General requirement:

  • Indonesian citizens proven by photocopies of KTP or passport
  • Minimum education S1 / D4 and can show evidence of academic achievement (GPA min. 3.00) proven by transcripts and diplomas that are legalized with the date and year of graduation listed therein.
  • Has been accepted unconditionally (unconditional) in one of the master’s programs held in the Netherlands by a Dutch higher education institution as evidenced by a letter of acceptance (admission letter) from a university in the Netherlands that clearly states the name of the study program, start date and the end of the chosen study program and the total tuition fee.
  • Preferably applicants with relevant work experience (minimum 3-4 years), especially those with leadership qualities and entrepreneurial potential. Employees / employees must obtain approval from the institution as evidenced by an official statement from the head of the institution on a stamp duty stating that the staff is permitted to study in the Netherlands. This statement is written on the Statement by Employer form (54 KB), which will then be uploaded to the StuNed registration page.
  • Have good English skills as evidenced by the results of the Internet Based Test (IBT) TOEFL with a minimum score of 90, or IELTS of at least 6.5. The validity period of the TOEFL / IELTS test results is a maximum of 2 years from the date of the test. Applicants who complete studies in an English-speaking country or graduate from an international program are exempt from the TOEFL or IELTS scores, as long as they pass a maximum of 2 years before the StuNed scholarship application deadline.
  • A statement of willingness to attend and complete all lectures while receiving the scholarship written on the StuNed form.
  • Maximum age 40 years on December 31, 2021.
  • Not currently taking or already have a Master’s degree from within or outside the country.
  • Not intended for applicants from multinational companies and international NGOs.
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Netherlands StuNed Scholarships Application documents:

  • Scan of passport (upload with file name: Applicant Full Name_Passport)
  • Academic Transcript and Certificate + English Language proficiency + Unconditional Offer letter (uploaded with file name: Applicant Full Name_Academic Transcript-Certificate_English_LOA)
  • Employer Statement (if applicable) + Motivation letter (upload with file name: Applicant Full Name_Employer Statement_Motivation Letter)
  • Co-funding Statement (if applicable) (uploaded with file name: Applicant Full Name_Co-funding)
  • Other supporting docs such as awards, other certificate (if applicable) (uploaded with file name: Applicant Full Name_Supporting Docs)

You can download application document formats such as Employer Statement, Co-funding Statement, and Motivation Letter on the


Before applying to the scholarship program, make sure you have applied to a Dutch university and obtained an Unconditional Offer letter (LoA). A list of available study programs and universities can be found on the

Registration for the StuNed Scholarship 2021 is open online until March 8, 2021 for courses starting September 2021. Unlike the previous period, registration for the StuNed scholarship this time is done through the DELTA platform. Each university has a different scholarship application link. You can get the registration link by contacting the university admission that provides a letter of admission or it can be obtained via the DELTA table link.

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