The Turkish Government Scholarship

The Turkish Government Scholarship

What is interesting about this Turkey Scholarship 2022 is that applicants do not need to submit a separate application to apply to the university. They use a single system. So, the scholarship program also provides university placement. – Turkey can be an interesting study destination that you can try. There are several college scholarships available. One that is worth checking out is Turkey Scholarships. This scholarship is provided by the Turkish Government every year. What are the chances? Through the latest scheme Turkey Scholarships 2022 Applications.

International applicants (other than Turkey) can continue their studies at the S1, S2 and S3 levels through the Turkey 2021 – 2022 scholarship. Full scholarships through Turkey Scholarships are aimed at studying at the best universities in Turkey. Applicants from Indonesia are among those who have the opportunity to receive this scholarship.

The Turkish Government Scholarship 2022 includes a monthly stipend of 800 TL) per month for undergraduate scholarships, 1,100 TL per month for Turkish Masters scholarships and 1,600 per month for Turkish Doctoral Scholarship Recipient.

In addition to the monthly allowance, the Turkey Scholarship also covers all tuition and program placement costs, accommodation, return flight tickets to Turkey, health insurance, as well as Turkish language courses for one year prior to the start of the course.

The duration of the scholarship lasts for the course of study plus a year’s Turkish language course. For example, for an undergraduate scholarship, the duration of the scholarship is adjusted to the length of the study program, between 4 – 6 years plus a 1 year Turkish language course.

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Then the postgraduate scholarship lasts for 2 years plus 1 year Turkish language course, and the doctoral scholarship lasts for 4 years plus 1 year Turkish language course.

What is interesting about this Turkey Scholarship 2022 is that applicants do not need to submit a separate application to apply to the university. They use a single system. So, the scholarship program also provides university placement.

When applying for scholarships online, you can also apply directly to the University of Interest using the same application form. When later accepted into the scholarship program, they will automatically be accepted into the university. Applicants can choose a maximum of 12 universities and departments.

Most of the courses offered are in Turkish. But, don’t worry, there are also programs that use English, Arabic, or French as the language of instruction.

Applicants only need to ensure that they have an internationally recognized certificate of language proficiency to choose the program, such as TOEFL and IELTS. Later, applicants will also be asked for test scores such as GRE, GMAT, or SAT if selected to take part in the interview. Depends on the terms of the study program.

Before submitting an application, it is recommended that you know the language of instruction used when selecting a program. Of course, the provision of a year’s Turkish language course will also help.


1. Be a citizen other than Turkey (those with Turkish citizenship cannot apply)

2. Not registered as a student at a Turkish university at the level of study being applied for

3. Graduated (high school, bachelors, or master’s) before September 2022

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4. Under 21 years of age for undergraduate programs

4. Under 30 years old for master’s program

5. Under 35 years for doctoral program

6. Minimum academic achievement for undergraduate applicants: 70%, masters and doctoral applicants: 75%, and applicants for medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy: 90%

Application documents:

1. KTP or Passport

2. Recent passport

3. National examination scores (required for candidates who do not have international qualifications or certifications)

4. Certificate or temporary graduation certificate

5. Transcript of academic grades

6. International examination scores (GRE, GMAT, DELF, YDS, YÖS, etc. if requested by the chosen university & program)

7. Language test scores (if requested by the chosen university and program)

8. Research proposal and sample of your writing (only for PhD applicants)


The application for Turkish Government Scholarships 2021 – 2022 is carried out online through the Turkey Scholarships page from January 10 to February 20, 2022.

Create an account first through the page in the “Register” section. Fill in the registration form, then check your email for activation. Then you can login and then submit an online application based on the requested application documents. Scan the original document, then upload it to the account you already have. Adjust to the registration schedule. Also pay attention to whether the university or department asks for documents such as TOEFL/IELTS, GRE/GMAT, DELF certificates, etc. Please first check the documents requested by the university concerned.

Therefore, before applying, you should first find the right majors and colleges for study. Please see the list of available Turkey Scholarship Programs.

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Online registration for Turkey scholarships 2021 – 2022 is open from January 10 to February 20, 2022. Meanwhile, applications for Turkey scholarships 2022 – 2023 are most likely to open again in January 2022. Please register early before the deadline ends.

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