Turkish scholarship tips Writing Letter of Intent

Turkish scholarship tips Writing Letter of Intent

writing the Letter of Intent is an important part of getting a scholarship abroad. This is a kind of essay again actually and quite influential.

About the reasons why you want to study here, why this major, and so on. Maybe it can also be known as a Motivation Letter. Here are tips for filling out the Letter of Intent Turkiye Burslari, according to my personal experience πŸ™‚

In Turkey Burslari itself, the terms of the Letter of Intent vary. But the question every year is always the same.

Please explain your expectations from the higher education in Turkey and your plans for after graduation.

Here we can write our hopes of studying in Turkey. What are our expectations and our plans after graduating from college? YTB ​​wants us to serve our country again, so make a plan for what we will do for Indonesia.

Please indicate why you have chosen Turkey for higher education.

This is kind of more of an explanation for the first answer. A kind of answer to your expectations. Why Turkey? If in the first number the answer is “I hope this”, then in the second the answer is “Because Turkey has this”. You can use this column by praising some of Turkey’s strengths.

Don’t use market excuses, such as because Turkey is the confluence of two continents. That’s a classic. It’s not a problem, but it would be better if we were different πŸ™‚

Please indicate why you have chosen these particular departments and your knowledge about these departments.

Why did you choose that major? If you choose many majors, just keep going. In this number, we can show what we have. Like me, because I have a book, I write “As a young author, …”

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This year, the question must be answered within 250 characters. But that’s what’s interesting, it must be to the point, but interesting to read. Does your English have to be good? Nope, google translate helped but didn’t just stick the answer. Try asking a friend who is good at English to help πŸ™‚

So what are the tips for writing a Letter of Intent?

Dare to be different

Try giving something that other awardees might not have thought of. You can also use unique terms. Don’t use the mainstream like what I said earlier, “Because Turkey is a country of two continents, so …”. But it seems like every year someone gets away with words like that.

Stalking your major

Try to find out more about the major you want, about job prospects or the reasons people study in that department. Maybe you will get a lot of inspiration from there.

Study someone else’s Letter of Intent.

To study the Letter of Intent, it never hurts to look at the LOI of the awardees from previous years. Try asking them directly or if the group has a PPI, usually there are brothers and sisters who share. You analyze little by little, pay attention, what made YTB pass them.


For whoever you want to apply for a scholarship anywhere, be honest, make sure the main thing. What’s the point of getting away if it’s not a blessing? Yes or no? Looking for blessings is the purpose of life.

Pay attention to the delivery method

Even though what is there, the way it is conveyed is also important. It doesn’t have to be standard, the important thing is easy to understand. Don’t just copy-paste from google translate, ask friends, family, or teachers who have good taste in grammar to compose sentences.

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Future Plan Tips

We can start looking for this section by starting to look at the problems that exist in Indonesia, try to solve the problem with our majors and passions.

Maybe this is a bit common, but for example, when you want journalism and take media cases in Indonesia, you are worried about children’s media and you want to go into journalism to solve children’s media problems, jengjeng. Yes, that is so.

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