University of Canterbury Scholarships

University of Canterbury Scholarships, New Zealand

You can try a variety of S3 scholarship options in New Zealand to continue your studies there. Suppose this doctoral scholarship at the University of Canterbury. UC Doctoral Scholarship. Of course, it would be more fun if the tuition fee is not charged anymore because it can be covered through scholarships. International applicants wishing to study at UC can take advantage of the scholarship to undertake a research doctorate that lasts three years.

Scholarships awarded for $ 21,000 per year cover tuition fees as well as a monthly stipend. The total scholarship quota provided is around 60 scholarship seats. Interestingly, if you apply for the UC Doctoral Scholarship, applicants will automatically be considered for several other scholarships, including:

√ Brownlie Scholarship applies to all applicants ($ 26,000 per year plus tuition fees)

√ Canterbury Scholarship applies to all applicants ($ 21,000 per year plus thesis)

√ William and Ina Cartwright Scholarship for education applicants ($ 26,000 per EFTS plus tuition fees)

√ Roper Scholarship for science applicants ($ 26,000 per year plus tuition fees)

√ etc.


University of Canterbury PhD scholarships can be applied to by students studying full-time or part-time for a research doctorate at UC. Applications must be submitted before, or within the first six months after registration for a doctorate at UC.


Applications for doctoral scholarships at the University of Canterbury are made until 15 October 2019. Applicants can apply starting mid-August or 8 weeks before the deadline ends.

Applications are made on the website of the University of Canterbury. Applicants will be asked to create an account at myUC first, after which they can register for the scholarship program.

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Further information is available on the University of Canterbury website

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