University of Mississippi Scholarships

If you desire a quality education but care about funding, then you have a golden opportunity to apply for a scholarship at the University of Mississippi. This program is for newcomers and college transfer students who plan to start studying at the University of Mississippi starting in the fall of 2021.

The University is proud to honor students who have achieved success in academics. They hope that you will eventually develop and excel in both personal and academic activities with all students while at the University of Mississippi.

University of Mississippi
Ole Miss, based in Campus, Mississippi, is a highly ranked public university. With an acceptance of 16,636 undergraduate students, it is a large college. The approval rate is 88 percent. Nursing, accounting, and marketing include general majors.

Eligibility criteria
Applicants must meet the following requirements.

Candidate must be an international student.
Enter first-year students with excellent credentials for academics and leadership.
Enter first year with excellent management and academic history good passionate
Entering first-year students who are Mississippi high school graduates pursuing a business degree.
It requires an outstanding academic and leadership background.
First-year students selected for the Honors College must be natives Mississippi.

Acceptable Subjects
Scholarships are open to undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the following fields:

Science – Mathematics, Communication, Engineering, Economics, Environment, Visual Studies, Health < br> Literature

Why study at the University of Mississippi?
In various fields, such as agriculture, aerospace engineering, administration and international industry, law, pharmacy, arts and science, veterinary science and medicine, nursing, etc., Mississippi universities and colleges are recognized internationally for their academic excellence and educational creativity.

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Program Benefits
Scholarships will be awarded as follows:

There are various awards with different amounts and benefits.
There are various kinds of scholarships.

How to Apply for Scholarship
To apply for this scholarship, candidates must follow all of these steps.

Step 1: Apply for Registration
If a candidate wants to be enrolled in this educational program, you are advised to enter undergraduate, postgraduate courses at the University of Mississippi ?

Step 2: Apply for Scholarship
Apply for admission to The University of Mississippi and complete the Special Program & amp; Online Scholarship Application.

Step 3: Submit Required Documents
High School Diploma Certificate
School transcripts available
Transcripts from previous schools (only if requested)
Post Secondary Transcription
Results of official survey

requirements
Candidates must meet the general studies curriculum entry requirements.
Candidates must demonstrate English proficiency and meet the criteria general admission follows the state / curriculum in which you study.
Entry of 20 ACT or higher (940 SAT / 1020 SAT-R), GPA of 3.2 or higher for new Mississippi students, and remaining financial need after review of all scholarships or grant. Selection is competitive and requires assessment of accounts, test scores, financial needs, leadership, procedures and essays

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